National Fitness Day

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National Fitness Day is the most active day of the year and the day to celebrate the role that physical activity plays across the UK. It is a day when people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities come together to celebrate the fun of fitness.

This year National Fitness Day took place on Wednesday 23rd September – where providers from across the UK was encouraged to offer the general public free opportunities to be active in their local community. The day brought the nation together to remind us why it’s good to move, highlighting the role that physical activity plays in helping us lead healthier, happier lives both physically and mentally.

Why is this important?

The UK faces a physical inactivity crisis, with evidence from UKactive showing that the average adult spends more time on the toilet every week than exercising. Physical inactivity leads to more than 20 long-term health conditions such as type-2 diabetes, some cancers and osteoporosis. This is why National Fitness Day is so important – to inspire the nation to move a bit more and better understand the benefits of an active lifestyle. It is not only proven to improve our physical health, it also has an incredible effect on our mental health, our confidence, our social connections and helps us build better communities.

Coming together to be active is a great way to overcome the myriad of challenges we face across society.
Of course, National Fitness Day isn’t just about one day, it’s about committing to change your routine for a lifetime of benefits.

National Fitness Day, 23rd September 2020, was held to highlight the role physical activity plays across the UK. National Fitness Day suggested a huge range of activity options enjoyed by participants of all ages, such as ‘plank offs’, yoga and pilates classes, treadmill challenges, high-street HIIT classes, dance-offs, mass walks and many more.

Fitness2Me aims to celebrate what fitness means to people, promoting that keeping physically active means something different to us all. The aim is to make #Fitness2Me the biggest movement in breaking down the barriers that stop people being active, showing that fitness is for everyone! This year, the most inspiring #Fitness2Me heroes from the nine English regions and the three nations that make up the UK were presented, to promote their stories to a national audience.