TOP 5 Outdoor Fitness Zones in Tallinn

Спортивные площадки в Таллинне

The Estonian weather this year pleases lovers of dynamic life and outdoor activities more than ever. It is a pleasure to go in for outdoor sports in the capital of Estonia in summer, sea breeze delightfully cools during hot workouts. We asked local fitness enthusiasts to share their favourite outdoor fitness zones in Tallinn.

Embankment near the “Russalka” monument, Pirita Tee 1

In recent years outdoor fitness zones appear more and more often in Tallinn. It is not surprising since Tallinn is one of the main candidates to become “European Green Capital 2023”. A new workout area has been constructed in the recently renovated recreation zone of ​​the seaside of Tallinn. There are not as many sports stations as we would like, but the vertical and parallel bars allow you to work out different muscle groups. The main advantage of this site is its location, says Peeter Kuusik, Tallinn resident and fitness enthusiast. The sports ground is located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, in the central part of the city, next to the famous Rusalka monument. A stunning view of the historic centre of the capital can be seen from the coast, or as it is popularly called “the view of a sprat tin can” (this city view has been a part of Tallinn sprat products for many years). I would definitely recommend this fitness zone for guests of our city.

Workout Station. Rannamäe Tee 5

Estonian sportsman Sergey Kuzmin says that although the workout space is located right in the heart of the city, it is quite poorly maintained. This can be seen by looking at the damaged paint as well as the broken parts of the equipment. Personally, I don’t see it as a place for a proper workout session due to the limited functionality of the machines. However, it can be used as a good ending to a morning run or light exercise.

In addition, it offers stunning views of the old town and the famous Gothic Church of St. Olav (Oleviste). The 124-meter spire of the church is taller than most buildings in Tallinn and is one of the most important symbols of the Old Town.

  • 2x Pendulum machine 
  • Air walker (broken)
  • 2x Rowing machine 
  • 2x Shoulder exercise machine (one is broken)
  • 2x Lateral pull down machine 
  • 2x Dips
  • 2x Crunch bench
TOP-5.Tallinn running routes

Staadioni tänav 10

This site is located next to the legendary Kalev Sports Hall and the Kalev Central Stadium. Together they form a kind of centre of attraction for practising various sports. Tallinn’s athletes, basketball players, tennis players, weightlifters, football players and other athletes train here.

The oldest sports society – “Kalev”, was founded in 1901 in Revel (now Tallinn) as a society of amateur cyclists (Est. Jalgrattasõitjate Selts “Kalev”). The building of the Kalev sports hall is a unique architectural monument under state protection.

At first look, it may feel that there are very few machines in this workout space but actually, it is more than enough. You are only limited with your imagination. The ultimate feature of simple bars is that you can use them to do dozens of exercises developing different muscle groups. Some people think that it is impossible to work out using bars if you cannot do pull-ups. That’s not right. You just need to find the simplified version of exercises – say Australian pull-ups instead of the normal ones. Furthermore, this station is in perfect condition, so I highly recommend training here and «recharging» with the atmosphere of the oldest sports community, says Sergey Kuzmin.

  • 3x Push-up bar (various heights)
  • 2x Dips (various heights)
  • 2x Leg raise bench (various incline)
  • 4x Pull up bar (various heights)

Pähkli 2

The completely new site is located in a quiet area of Maarjamäe (Est. Maarjamäe) next to the Estonian Academy of Internal Security (Sisekaitseakadeemia), not far from the memorial complex and Maarjamäe castle. 

All machines are equipped with weight plates, so you can adjust the weight right for yourself. According to Sergey Kuzmin, it is one of the best workout spaces in Tallinn at the moment. It can also act as a gym substitute for summer.

The location of the sports ground allows you to combine training with jogging along the waterfront or the green trails of the area. If you come to watch the football practice of one of the leading Estonian clubs, Levadia, the football complex of this club is nearby.

Here you will find:

  • Bench press
  • Chest press machine
  • Biceps curl machine
  • Lat pull machine
  • Crunch bench
  • Legs extension
  • Shoulder press machine (for disabled people)

Politsei Park

Tallinn has a lot of outdoor fitness zones in parks and green areas. One of these is the workout area in the «Politsei Park». It is quite simple, I would say completely amateur, but quite suitable for light exercise, says Peeter Kuusik. For tourists, it will certainly seem convenient, as it is located in the very heart of the city and close to hotels. The park is quite a popular place for recreation among residents, therefore there are many people working out in the mornings and evenings. In the daytime, it is freer. You can run around the perimeter of the park, although the park itself is not large, you can count on a good cardio workout there. There is also a small skate park. For table tennis lovers, there are tennis tables with nets, do not forget to take your rackets with you.

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