Naked Bike Ride London

Naked Bike Ride London

Picture this: it’s a beautiful summer’s day, you’re zooming through the streets of London on your fixie, wind in your hair. But that’s not the only place you can feel a breeze. You look down, and you’re completely naked. But it’s not embarrassing, it’s liberating. You’re surrounded by a sea of bare bottoms, gloriously jiggling around the city’s streets. 

That’s right, it’s time for the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR). And nudies rejoice, because this summer London is hosting no less than three of them, taking place in different locations across the city. Last year, London’s WNBR saw 1,421 riders navigate the streets as God intended.

Your first opportunity to bike in the buff is June 7. Cyclists will assemble on Shirley Church Road in Croydon from 4.30pm to take off at 7.30pm. 

Next up is the capital’s main event, taking place on June 11 with several central London starting points. Due to the Jubilee celebrations, there won’t be a Hyde Park starting point this year. There will also be a pre-ride flag-making party and after-party for riders who want to continue shaking what their mothers gave them. 

The final ride will be in Romford on August 8, setting off from Bedfords Park at noon and wrapping up at around 4.30pm. 

There’s more to the event than just stripping down to your birthday suit. It’s all about protesting the continued use of fossil fuels around the world, and of course, celebrating body positivity. Greta Thunberg, on yer bike. 


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