Forest fairy tales trail

The State Forest Management Center opened the Sagadi-Oandu Forest Legends Trail in Lahemaa National Park. The trail of forest stories in Estonia, Lääne-Viru County, Lahemaa National Park is a fantasy journey from Sagadi Manor to Oandu Visitor Centre – or vice versa. Under the old alder trees, you can read and listen to forest fairy tales and stories about the places along the trail while hiking on the Sagadi alley, on the Tepelvälja village road and in the bright pine forest. With the help of square codes, you can listen to stories in Estonian, English and Russian. A great opportunity for families and groups to discover folk tales while walking on a nature trail!

Trips on the forest fairy tails trail can be started from both sides – longer and shorter walks can be made starting from Sagadi Manor and Oandu visitor centre.

There are 18 “story books” by the trail, where you can read a fairy tale in Estonian and English or listen to it using QR codes – in Estonian, English and Russian language. Forest fairies, ghosts, the spirit of the water and the snake king, talking animals and birds, hidden treasures and a fern blossom – on the trail you can find out what the folk stories tell about them.


In the village of Tepelvälja, most of the farms have been abandoned during the Soviet era, the fields and pastures have become overgrown and lie uncultivated now. After the village land, a narrow path turns towards Oandu, first along the bank of the river and then through old pine and spruce forests. Walking by the mossy stone fence, you will reach the old tree plant garden of the forest district, where you can still see planted spruce plants growing on the beds. From here, the journey on the Forest Stories trail (5,6km) overlaps with the Oandu Heritage Trail for a while and reaches the former meadows, where old barn barns have been restored. The other end of the trail is on the edge of the yard of Oandu visitor center. The trail is easy to cross, clothing and shoes should be chosen according to the season.

Hiking routes

Oandu heritage trail (3,4 km)

Oandu old-growth forest nature trail (4.7 km)

Beaver trail (1 km)

Altja nature and culture historical trail (3 km)

Oandu–Võsu hiking trail (9.5 km)

RMK Hiking Route Oandu-Aegviidu-Ikla (375  km)

Inga Kouru-Nedaskovskaja. Editor-in-chief of the Health Fitness Travel Guide 

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