PENT. launches stylish hotel fitness solutions

Pent hotel fitness
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When PENT. was established in 2011, it was done so on the basis of experience and know-how gained over years supplying fitness solutions for professional fitness clubs. The main drive for the brand’s founder was to create fitness equipment that would also act as a designer piece of furniture and a timeless work of art.

From the very beginning, the main initiator and founder, Marcin Raczek, believed that in the coming years, demanding customers will expect something more than just ordinary fitness equipment. Instead, they will be looking for beautiful objects to complete their private fitness zones.

The year 2020 turned out to be a breakthrough year for PENT. A new collection of equipment was created and the portfolio of products was significantly expanded. The new range garnered great interest from the firm’s clients during lockdown, who now needed to keep fit while isolating.

Pent hotel fitness
Photo Hotelier

The hospitality industry, of course, was hit in a particularly big way by the pandemic and a new product that responded to the global change was needed. A product that allowed hotel quests to use fitness equipment in the comfort of their rooms.

That product is SOPHIA, a complementary set of dumbbells, kettlebells, exercise mat and essential yoga and fitness accessories. Placed on a niftily designed cart, it can be delivered straight to a guest’s room. It is the true evolution of modern solutions for the hotel industry in times of pandemics and beyond.

SOPHIA was created by specialists for professionals and enthusiasts as a complete set for the most demanding guests. The ergonomic design includes drawers for small, important accessories such as a jump rope or push-up bars. There’s also a place for towels, water and an iPad.

However, if a hotel prefers a more stationary solution, PENT. also provides a permanent set of fitness equipment. The COMBO option can be placed inside a chosen room or a suite to provide guests with even more privacy and a hassle-free experience.

In both cases, the premise is clear: Stay fit, while staying in your room.

Photo: Hotelier

All PENT. fitness equipment is designed and manufactured in Poland and PENT. prides itself on the fact that the entire production process is performed in-house.

Even the smallest wooden, steel or genuine leather components are made by PENT. employees. Not a single production process is outsourced, which means that the company has the opportunity to fully customise and quickly develop new products.

All product components are made by hand, and where it is impossible, the elements are made on the most modern CNC machines. PENT. products are also made of the best materials available on the market: The highest hardness stainless steel, luxurious natural wood and genuine leather.

Not only does PENT. provide fitness equipment to hotels, and entertainment facilities, but to individual customers as well, offering the widest range of luxury fitness equipment in the world, starting with small items such as a skipping rope, through larger items such as weight benches, and finishing with a full set of dumbbells (2kg to 20kg) and kettlebells (4kg to 20kg).

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