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Активный отдых в Брайтоне

Sports & Activities in Brighton

If you're looking for great activities, Brighton is jam-packed with things to do. From traditional family fun to beach and water sports, Brighton activities...

Best hiking trails in Europe

CNN Travel regularly ranks the 23 best hiking trails in the world. We've chosen 7 of them located in Europe. Pennine Way, United Kingdom Stretching 268...

Kempinski Fit Room: combination of travel and fitness

Berlin, Munich, Dubai, Shanghai: these are the first Kempinski Hotels destinations offering the new room category, the Kempinski Fit Room, which the international luxury hotel group...
train away

Easy access to all fitness clubs in the world. TrainAway service...

Two active guys Alexander Schrøder and Kenn Gudbergsen, who got tired of lousy hotel gyms, endless Google research, rejections at gym front desks and...
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