The Oxford Vs Cambridge Boat Race

Oxford vs Cambridge Boat Race
Oxford vs Cambridge Boat Race / Health Fitness Travel Guide

Cambridge’s men won the Boat Race 2023 to complete a double for the university over rivals Oxford.

They held off a late charge from Oxford on choppy waters to win by just over a length for their fourth victory in the past five races.

Earlier, Cambridge’s women took victory by four and and quarter lengths over Oxford despite a protest from their opponents over potential encroachment.

It was a sixth straight win for the women’s team.

“The rush of emotions when we crossed the line, there’s nothing like it,” said Cambridge men’s cox Jasper Parish, whose brother Ollie was also part of the team.

“That was the time of our lives, I’ll remember this for a long time.”

The Cambridge boat earned an early warning from umpire Tony Reynolds as Oxford, with the weight advantage, pulled ahead early in the race.

A bold move from Jasper Parish paid off when he steered his crew closer to the bank in Fulham hoping to find friendlier waters.

This gave Cambridge a half-length’s lead which they held on to until the finish, despite a spirited effort from Oxford.

Oxford vs Cambridge Boat Race. Photo: Health Fitness Travel Guide

Cambridge women continue domination

In the women’s race, Oxford made an aggressive start with the weather making for rough conditions, but Cambridge soon got control of the race and maintained a steady pace to coast to victory.

The umpire was forced to issue stern warnings to both as they came close to colliding before Cambridge stretched into the lead.

Oxford protested against the result after the race as they believed Cambridge had encroached, but the umpire dismissed the plea as there was no contact.

Cambridge president Caoimhe Dempsey, the only returnee for either team, said she was “proud” of her crew.

“That was a whirlwind of a race,” she told BBC Sport. “The conditions changed so much from start to finish. I’m so proud; it is still sinking in. The girls are so tenacious, strong and brave.”

On the near collision, Dempsey added: “That is the nature of the boat race. It makes it so exciting.”

Cambridge lead the rivalry 47-30 in the women’s event, while Cambridge men have won 86 times to Oxford’s 81.

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