Thursday, January 28, 2021
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train away

Easy access to all fitness clubs in the world. TrainAway service...

Two active guys Alexander Schrøder and Kenn Gudbergsen, who got tired of lousy hotel gyms, endless Google research, rejections at gym front...

How Travel Will Change Post-Pandemic: 10 Expert Predictions

We asked industry pros where we’ll be traveling in years to come and how hotels, flights, airports and even luggage will evolve—for...
bike parking

The second-largest bike parking in the Netherlands was opened in Hague

Secure self-service bicycle storage facilities are often found at medium-sized stations in the Netherlands. A self-service bike parking at Dutch Railways has...
boating latvia

Water Tourism in Latvia

Boating on Latvia’s rivers provides a vista of lovely forests, rugged rock formations, and more, convincing every traveller that there is nothing...

Bike-sharing in Saint-Petersburg

HFT Guide has tested the bike-sharing service SmartBike in Saint-Petersburg. Convenience There are lots of...
tour de france

Tour de France – Why do we need challenges and how...

Yes, I did it! The well-known race L’etape du Tour de France is finally completed! Why do we need challenges and how...
sports ground

Outdoor sports: Moscow parks offering workout grounds

Sports grounds with parallel and horizontal bars are open in 34 green areas, with some of them offering group training sessions.
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