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New fitness club – new emotions! Alternatively, sports attractions for tourists. Welcome to Fitness clubs Tallinn! Along with its rapidly growing IT industry, startup infrastructure and appealing taxation system, the capital of Estonia is also rapidly increasing the quantity and quality of fitness services that are offered to the local population and the ever-growing number of tourists and expatriates. Mind you, some “places of strength and vigour” located in Tallinn can be described as iconic landmarks, that represent modern values and should be a “must-visit” in your list.

Fitted with premium equipment, such as TechnoGym, LifeFitness, Matrix; Functional areas like Outrace, SNRGY 360, Escape; and aquatic areas alongside saunas, are fitness clubs that we can put into the “business class” category, while more affordable gyms can be, with confidence, called “ Premium Budget”. Membership prices start from 15 Euros and go up to 70 Euros, but you will feel great and energized, even at the most affordable gyms there. Below, I will give some examples of gyms, which truly rise up to the needs of today’s sports enthusiasts.

fitness Tallinn

If your stay in Tallinn is restricted by time and your hotel is not fitted with a gym, or maybe its gym is outdated- I advise you to consider gyms that don’t require you to buy a long-term membership. You will only require your passport and, in most cases, your own towel and water (which are usually not included in the cost), but you can easily obtain the last two when passing reception. 

City centre and old town

Kesklinn and Vanalinn are the centre-most regions of the city and within walking distance of them- you’ll find great gyms like MyFitness or Golden Gym. MyFitness is the biggest network of gyms in Estonia, and you can find at least five of them in the centre of Tallinn. A visit to one of these clubs will only bring you back by 3 euros, and, you already have five different places to have a productive training session.

If you find yourself exiting the historic part of Tallinn and heading towards Viru Keskus- watch out for two fitness clubs, situated opposite of each other: Viru and Postimaja – they are clean, well lit and equipped with Technogym (like all of their other gyms ). While there, you will also find a wide variety of group training programs (sign up to a group session by heading over to their website or custom app). 

Here’s a lifehack: keep going, now towards Stockmann, and you’ll stumble upon MyFitness Ravala which you can visit for only 3 euros! This club is fitted with its very own SPA and pool, and if you really want – you can take part in exclusive training sessions at X Studio, which is similar to Orange Theory.

Now,  if you find yourself near the railroad station or Telliskivi Creative Center – don’t think twice about heading over to MyFitness Balti Jaama Turg, which opened a little over a year ago. It’s located near the fascinating Baltic Bazaar, so after your workout session make sure to try the local street food! If you’re a healthy eater and need your protein and carbs fix – visit the Selver grocery story for your dose of sports nutrition.

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My Fitness

 You can’t leave Tallinn without visiting The Rotermanni Quarter. You can easily walk there from the historic region of the city. Its famous, not only for its modern architecture and an endless number of places to eat but also for the most modern fitness-club there is Golden Club. The entry fee is 5 euros for your first visit, but you can leave your water and towels at home – this fact compensates the 2-euro difference in price if we’re comparing with MyFitness. When you make it into the club, you will be met with top-notch cardio- equipment: LifeFitness machines- each fitted with its own digital screen, block weights and free weights, a functional area and Escape accessories! This gym is also fitted with a Finnish sauna and a relaxing hammam. Golden Club, like most Estonian fitness centres, will not impress with its design, but the quality and cleanliness of the gym is can’t be beat. 

fitness Tallinn
Lemon Gym

Premium-Budget clubs

If you want to see those Premium-Budget clubs we mentioned earlier- you’ll have to make your way to Gym Eeesti or Lemon Gym.

Located in the city centre or near the Tallinn technical university and Skype headquarters are Gym clubs. The Gym is open 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. When you download their app you’ll be able to purchase a membership for 3 days (unlimited visits) for 9,90 euros; and you will be granted a QR code, which allows you entry into the club. Without a smartphone- you can’t become a client of this club. 

One of the last, truly high quality, affordable options is Lemon Gym, which is situated in Mustakivi. Lemon Gym offers a free first visit, Matrix machines, virtual group programs and a functional zone. You will be greeted with a simple sign-up process and friendly staff.

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Welcome to Tallinn!

Stepan Tarasov

Fitness Expert. Co-founder GymLink