The second-largest bike parking in the Netherlands was opened in Hague

bike parking

Secure self-service bicycle storage facilities are often found at medium-sized stations in the Netherlands. A self-service bike parking at Dutch Railways has an automated entrance and exit with transparent access gates and is monitored by CCTV. In some bicycle storage facilities, an attendant is present. You can conveniently store your bicycle at the facilities using your OV-chipkaart.

bike parking

The benefits of secure self-service bike parking:

  • Fully automated entrance and exit with camera surveillance
  • Extended opening hours
  • Accessible using your OV-chipkaart
  • Free for the first 24 hours
  • Convenient payment with your debit card
  • Automated storage facilities with camera surveillance

Secure self-service storage facilities are automated storage facilities with secured access and camera surveillance. You will find these storage facilities at medium-sized stations which do not have a guarded storage facility. 

The self-service storage facilities are always open from 15 minutes before the first train until 15 minutes after the last train.