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Активный отдых в Брайтоне

Sports & Activities in Brighton

If you're looking for great activities, Brighton is jam-packed with things to do. From traditional family fun to beach and water sports, Brighton activities...

Best hiking trails in Europe

CNN Travel regularly ranks the 23 best hiking trails in the world. We've chosen 7 of them located in Europe. Pennine Way, United Kingdom Stretching 268...

5 fabulous hiking routes in Crete

There are scores of superb hiking routes on Crete. Gorges abound, offering fascinating glimpses into life through the aeons, with ancient churches, crude caves...

Forest fairy tales trail

The State Forest Management Center opened the Sagadi-Oandu Forest Legends Trail in Lahemaa National Park. The trail of forest stories in Estonia, Lääne-Viru County,...

TOP-5.Tallinn running and hiking routes

The legend says: Tallinn is a city that is constantly being built, and if the builders forget about their duties, then the elderly man...
хайкинг тропа

Hadrian’s wall path National Trail

Following the line of Hadrian’s Wall from coast to coast, the National Trail is an 84-mile pathway that passes through a landscape walkers love...
Scotland walking routes

4 walking routes to try in the South of Scotland

When you think of walking routes in Scotland, your mind may well turn to beautiful misty walks in the Scottish Highlands or on the...

Time to walk. Hiking with Apple Watch

Apple rolled out a new feature on Apple Watch for Fitness Plus subscribers on Monday that will include audio episodes of celebrity commentary. The...
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