Outdoor sports: Moscow parks offering workout grounds

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Sports grounds with parallel and horizontal bars are open in 34 green areas, with some of them offering group training sessions.

More than 70 workout areas with parallel and horizontal bars and other sports equipment are available in the parks of the Moscow Department of Culture. Workout in the open air in 34 green areas of Moscow — Tsaritsyno and Kolomenskoye museum reserves, Lilac Garden, Museon, Fili, Northern Tushino and others. So, you will find a sports ground which suits you perfectly.

“Sokolniki Park boasts the largest number of sports grounds, with 16 open-air workout grounds. Many recreation areas offer group trainings under the guidance of professional coaches,”

the Press Service of the Moscow City Parks (Mosgorpark) told.

Workout grounds in Sokolniki Park

  • The ground in the southern part of Putyaevsky Pond;
  • The ground in 5th Luchevoi Prosek, near 14/1;
  • workout trail near 6th Luchevoi Prosek;
  • workout trail between 5th and 6th Luchevoi Proseks;
  • workout trail near 5th Luchevoi Prosek;
  • workout trail No. 1 near 4th Luchevoi Prosek;
  • workout trail No. 2 near 4th Luchevoi Prosek;
  • workout trail near 3rd Luchevoi Prosek;
  • sports ground in 3rd Luchevoi Prosek, near the sports and recreation centre;
  • sports ground near Big Oleny Pond;
  • sports ground near Big and Small Oleny ponds;
  • sports ground near Zolotoi Pond;
  • sports ground in the southern part of Zolotoi Pond;
  • workout trail near 1st Luchevoi Prosek;
  • sports ground on Pesochnaya Alley, next to Leader Sports Club football field;
  • workout trail near Mitkovsky Proyezd.

There are two 24/7 workout sites in Vorontsovsky Park, one on Severnaya Alley at the Church of the Holy Trinity, and the other at the Big Pond on the way from the stele. Attend hand-to-hand combat master classes at the first ground from. You can also attend classic and Thai boxing classes.

Museon Arts Park offers monkey bars and parallel bars located near the monument to Dzerzhinsky next to the Alpbau Dome. It is open 24/7, too.

Free training is also available in Goncharovsky Park. Workout grounds are located at the southern entrance on the way from 2nd Goncharovsky Pereulok. You will find the outdoor sports grounds in Krasnaya Presnya Park next to the football field and the skate park. It offers free group training sessions. Visit classes in Angarskiye Prudy Park, next to the skating rink.

Workout areas in all three parks are open 24/7!

A soft-fall surface sports ground is located in Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve at Checkpoint No. 7. It has 24 sports appliances for up to 30 people. The workout area is open from 07:00 am till 00:00 am.

Pokrovsky Bereg and Levoberezhny recreation areas have workout grounds with outdoor changing rooms next to the central entrances, both open around the clock.

A 24/7 workout ground with parallel low bars in Neskuchny Garden is fit for visitors with disabilities. You may get to the sports facilities from Leninsky Prospekt metro station or Ploshchad Gagarina MCC station. Follow the signs.

sports ground

More parks offering workout grounds:

  • Fili Park, five grounds (western part of the Park, 1st Krylatskaya Street; embankment near the beach area; eastern part of the Park at the Khrunichev Cultural Centre; next to the summer cinema; the Moskva River embankment, to the north of the Naryshkinsky Pond). Open 24/7;
  • Olympic Village Park, five grounds (northwestern part of the Park, entrance from Michurinsky Prospekt; entrance in the western part of the Park; southwestern part of the Park near the Central Bridge of the Olympic Pond; southern part of the Park, near the boat station; eastern part of the Park, next the Church of Alexander Nevsky). Open 24/7;
  • Olonetsky Proyezd, five grounds (two grounds on the way from Olonetsky Proyezd, two grounds on the way from Sukhonskogo Street, one ground near the Yauza River). Open 24/7;
  • Dzhamgarovsky Pond Park, three grounds in the northern part. Open 24/7;
  • Izmailovsky Park, three grounds in the central part. Open 24/7;
  • Borisovskiye Prudy Park, three grounds (at the corner of Shipilovsky Proyezd and Sadovo-Krestyanskaya Street; next to building 10/2 in Marshala Zakharova Street; next to Trinity Church). Open 08:00 am till 11:00 pm;
  • Lilac Garden, three grounds (two at the children’s centre, one at the lilac growers’ pavilion). Open 06:00 am till 11:00 pm;
  • Borisovskiye Prudy recreation area, three grounds (two located next to the children’s sports school, the third one next to Detsky Sad stop in the Park near the river). Open 08:00 am till 11:00 pm;
  • Kuzminki Park, two grounds between the Skate Park and the administrative building. Open 08:00 am till 11:00 pm;
  • Raduga Ponds Park, two grounds near Italyansky Pond. Open 24/7;
  • Terletskaya Dubrava recreation area, one ground on the way from the central entrance. Open 24/7;
  • Lianozovsky Park, one ground behind the Park’s administration building. Open 24/7;
  • Tsaritsyno Museum Reserve, one ground near Checkpoint No. 5. Open 06:00 am till 00:00 am;
  • Altufyevo Estate, one ground opposite 37 Novgorodskaya Street. Open 24/7;
  • Park Pobedy on Poklonnaya Gora, one ground between the Partisan Alley and Soldat Alley. Open 10:00 am till 10:00 pm;
  • Tagansky Park, one ground behind the monastery wall. Open 06:00 am till 11:00 pm;
  • Babushkinsky Park, one ground near the trampolines. Open 06:00 am till 00:00 am;
  • Mitino Landscape Park, one ground next to the tennis court. Open 24/7;
  • Northern Tushino Park, one ground to the right of the central entrance, behind Svobody Alley. Open 24/7;
  • Khodynskoye Pole Park, one ground to the left of the trampoline centre. Open 24/7;
  • Krasnogvardeyskiye Ponds recreation area, one ground near the children’s centre. Open 24/7;
  • 50-Letiya Oktyabrya Park, one ground in the central part of the Park. Open 24/7;
  • Bauman Garden, one ground to the left of the entrance from Staraya Basmannaya Street. Open 06:00 am till 00:00 am;
  • Perovsky Park, one ground on the way from Lazo Street. Open 24/7.

Moscow parks boast diverse sports infrastructure for outdoor activities, including workout grounds, courts, football fields, jogging tracks, as well as sports equipment, scooters, segways and bicycles for rent.  Also, over 90 km of bike lanes have been laid in the parks, with Sokolniki and Mitino parks boasting the longest ones (12 km).

There are free sports grounds open in 28 parks of the Moscow Department of Culture. Play beach and classic football, volleyball, basketball, and prove yourself in other team sports. Borisovskiye Prudy Park boasts a football field covering an area of more than 4,500 sq m. Babushkinsky Park has two grounds to play Panna.

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